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We offer a low cost while very efficient service to sellers of historical instruments. We maintain an updated listing where you can publish your offering. The listing is mailed to our huge database of interested customers and is reproduced in full on our website. Once in contact, seller and buyer agree on the transaction and RWC doesn't intervene.

Publish an advert to SELL an instrument
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  Coordinates of the advertiser
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      Noticeable Materials    
      The overall shot of the entire instrument is the minimum you should consider but a close up of any attractive detail will help to present your instrument in its best light.

  Photographing your instrument
Good photos attract potential buyers
1- Use a generous amount of natural light. If not possible and must shoot with a flash, try turning on all the other available lighting in the room.
2- Remember to remove books, electric wires or anything else that might become eye-catching when they appear in a photo.
3- Dust the instrument and the stand.
4- Try to have your instrument fill up the viewfinder in your camera. Shoot from as close up as possible.
5- Send digital photos at a resolution around 150 dpi. in the JPG format. The file size of your photo should be about one megabytes big.


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